About Randy Rice

Mr. Rice is entering his twenty-fifth year of practicing architecture, architectural interiors and sustainability.  His work has won acclaim in two states, spanning scales from sun shelters to theme park plans, from interiors for restaurants and offices to corporate headquarters

Rice's firms have served Fortune 500 companies, government agencies and individuals.  His personable "winning" style is disarming, diplomatic, yet confidence building.  His strengths lie in insightful analysis of the design problem, winnowing solutions from the root motivations of the client, resulting in work which radiates finesse and beauty.  While maintaining practicality, his design solutions may range from lyrical to sculptural, to festive.  Not bound by one style buy by a desire for the phenomenal - that uncanny sense of connectedness - Rice is free to satisfy an array of client tastes while maintaining design integrity.  

His work skills include presentation and charrette management, government agency presentations, community organization, education and mentoring.  He is fluent in Autocad 2008, Excel, Work, Powerpoint, Quickbooks and Adobe Photoshop.  His handwork includes black and white as well as color market presentation technique.

About the Company

Rice Architect, LLC has been in existence since 2002. Prior to our move to Florida, we were known as Rice Design Studio and were
active in the Atlanta area for 10 years. Both here and in our time in Atlanta, we have found a niche in an array of projects including new residences, residential additions, commercial office buildings, restaurants/retail, and office interiors. The strengths of our company lay in finding refreshing design solutions that are both beautiful and practical.

The majority of our projects are custom residential designs. These projects range in size from modest renovations to large oceanfront homes. Our design style continues to seek unique aesthetic solutions that reflect our clients tastes and objectives. Some of these projects have been highlighted in various home tours including the 1997 Decatur Candlelight Tour of Homes, the 1989 & 1992 Gainesville (FL) Parade of Homes, and the Hale Plantation (FL) Tour of
Homes. In March of 2010 and again in July of 2012, our work was featured in the Amelia Islander magazine.



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